'I Am Innocent,' Mirna's Friend Jessica Says in Cyanide Murder Case


JANUARY 20, 2016

Jakarta. Jessica Kumala Wongso has maintained her innocence after being summoned for yet another police interview on Wednesday, about the murder of her friend Wayan Mirna Salihin, who died after drinking coffee laced with cyanide.
“There were hundreds [of questions], I cannot remember. I cannot give any comments, the police are still working [to solve the case]. I am innocent,” Jessica said after Tuesday's questioning.

Meanwhile, Jessica's lawyer, Yudi Wibowo on Tuesday said Jessica “has been depressed by extensive media coverage, as if she was the perpetrator.”


“But she has been cooperative with the police investigators and she has not committed any misdeeds,” Yudi added.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Muhammad Iqbal said police were still treating Jessica, who ordered the coffee which killed Mirna, 27, on Jan. 6, as a witness to the case.

“We need to question her again to [verify all the facts], to help with the case,” Iqbal said, adding that there was nothing unusual with Jessica being questioned for two days in a row. “We still have not named anyone as a suspect but we are working on it.”

Wednesday's police questioning was reportedly her fifth time. On Tuesday, she was questioned by three forensic psychologists.

Last week, investigators searched Jessica's home.

Raising suspicions

Details began to emerge on Tuesday that raised suspicions that Jessica, 27, might have had a role in Mirna's death.

Police had earlier found a lethal dose of cyanide in Mirna's system as well as in the Vietnamese iced coffee that Jessica had ordered for Mirna that day. Mirna suffered convulsions shortly after drinking the coffee and died.

Another friend who was with the pair at the Olivier Cafe in Grand Indonesia shopping mall, identified as Hani, reportedly tasted the coffee that Mirna drank and vomited and fell sick for a short time thereafter.

Jessica arrived at the cafe almost an hour early and ordered drinks for both Mirna and Hani, who arrived together.

During her first day of questioning it was revealed that unlike Hani, Jessica never attempted to taste the coffee herself. Jessica also got rid off the pair of jeans she wore that day and she was also noticeably absent at Mirna's funeral.

Jessica had also decided to come to the police office with a lawyer on Tuesday, which irked investigators who viewed the lawyer's presence as uncalled for. The lawyer was subsequently asked to leave the interview room.