Employees of Bank Tabungan Negara in Jakarta undergo mass testing for coronavirus on July 22, 2020. (Photo Courtesy of BTN)

Jakarta Adds another 1,000 Covid-19 Cases, West Java Joins Top Four


SEPTEMBER 07, 2020

Jakarta. Covid-19 cases continued to surge in Jakarta with another four-digit figure on Monday, while West Java climbed to the top four and Bali saw escalating caseloads.

That sums up the seemingly never-ending struggle by Indonesia to flatten the curve since first cases were confirmed in early March. Provinces that for months have become the main driver in daily surge are still unable to contain new infection while more provinces began to emerge as new hotspots.

The country added 2,880 cases of coronavirus on Monday after a five-day run of more than 3,000 cases per day, to take its total to 196,989.

The death toll jumped by 105 for a total of 8,130 Covid-19 deaths.

Jakarta reported 1,046 new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 47,379. It also saw a spike in daily death toll, with 22 for a total of 1,296.

East Java remains the deadliest place in the Indonesian outbreak, with 31 more deaths to take the total death toll to 2,576. It ranks second in the number of confirmed cases, totaling 35,941 or 307 more from yesterday.

Central Java added 264 cases for a total of 15,615, including 1,090 deaths. Only three of the country’s 34 provinces have reported more than 1,000 Covid-19 deaths so far.

West Java overtook South Sulawesi to have the fourth-biggest number of confirmed cases in the country, by adding 204 for a total of 12,709.

South Sulawesi has registered only 11 new cases in the last 24 hours, taking its total to 12,695.

The first week of the month showed how Bali, East Kalimantan and possibly Riau began to emerge as new hotspots.

In the second group of worst-affected provinces, Bali has added the most cases in the first seven days of September. The resort island has accumulated 1,178 cases since Sept. 1, in comparison to 947 cases in East Kalimantan, 898 in North Sumatra and 549 in South Kalimantan.

Overall, South Kalimantan has the sixth-biggest number of cases, 8,837, followed by North Sumatra (7,725), Bali (6,385) and East Kalimantan (5,191).

But escalating caseloads in Bali, East Kalimantan and North Sumatra may result in new order of affected provinces in coming days, as daily cases in South Kalimantan have largely stood at two digits.

While its total cases are ranked 17th, Riau has alarmingly reported three-digit figures in the most part of the week. It reported 133 more cases on Monday, taking its total to 2,718.

The number of cured or discharged Covid-19 patients topped 140,000 or 71.4 percent of total cases countrywide. However, the number of active cases of the virus also grew to more than 48,000.