Jakarta and Bekasi Revise Agreement on Dumping of Trash


NOVEMBER 06, 2015

Jakarta. The Jakarta and Bekasi city governments have met to revise a memorandum of understanding allowing trash from the capital to be dumped at the Bantargebang landfill in the satellite city.

The revision comes amid a standoff between the Jakarta administration and elements of the Bekasi City Council who accuse officials from the capital of violating terms of an existing contract for waste disposal, primarily sending garbage trucks into Bekasi outside previously agreed-on hours.

“Both governments have agreed to revise some clauses in the contract,” Isnawa Adji, the head of the Jakarta Sanitation Agency, said on Friday. “The Jakarta administration will take on the added duty of ensuring the trucks do not litter along the Bekasi streets while transporting the waste to Bantargebang.”

Officials from the Bekasi Transportation Agency will escort the garbage trucks through the streets of Bekasi and ensure that the drivers adhere to the operating hours agreed to by both sides.

The revision will also see Godang Tua Jaya, the private contractor hired by the Jakarta administration to truck the waste to the landfill, pay a higher fee to the Bekasi authorities. The fee is meant to be used to develop local communities living around the dump site.

In another change, the Jakarta and Bekasi administrations will set up a joint monitoring agency to oversee the cleaning of the garbage trucks and waste management to keep the surrounding environment safe.

The new agreement will be valid through 2029.