A woman takes rapid screening for coronavirus from her car in West Jakarta on April 18, 2020. (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)

Jakarta Covid-19 Cases Pass 25,000 as Daily Count Hits another Record


AUGUST 08, 2020

Jakarta. The Indonesian capital saw another record in the daily number of coronavirus infection on Saturday, with 686 new cases to bring the total number of confirmed cases to 25,287, according to the National Covid-19 Task Force.

It was only the second time that Jakarta’s daily count exceeded 600, after the previous record of 665 cases just a day earlier.

It has registered over 3,800 cases since the start of the month, about 1,000 more than the total cases recorded by East Java in the same period. 

More than 7 percent of Covid-19 rapid testing results in Jakarta have come back positive with the virus, or indicating active immune system as a sign of infections.


East Java overtook Jakarta as the province with the most cases of Covid-19 on June 26, but resurgence in cases again put Jakarta on the top of the national tally yesterday.

Both provinces averaged around 320 cases per day throughout July, but daily average has soared to 486 in Jakarta since Aug. 1.

The transmission rate in East Java is not slowing either, averaging 354 cases so far this month. It reported 429 new cases to take its total to 24,922 on Saturday.

East Java also has the highest Covid-19 death toll with 1,856 deaths, more than double the number of fatalities in Jakarta.

Overall, Indonesia added 2,277 cases -- about 48 percent contributed by Jakarta and East Java -- for a total of 123,503 cases, including 5,658 deaths. 


West Java, who has mostly reported two-digit daily figure, saw a sudden surge of 240 new cases. But the country’s most populous province has a relatively low number of overall cases, totaling 7,387 on Saturday and ranking fifth among the most-affected provinces.

South Sulawesi and North Sumatra were the last provinces to have a three-digit figure in the day, recording 107 and 101 cases, respectively.

The number of daily cases continued to fluctuate in Central Java, which reported 88 new cases for a total of 10,471 to remain among the top three provinces with the most cases. It reported more than 230 cases yesterday.

Central Java has traded places with South Sulawesi three times in the past week, but the current trend suggested that Central Java will continue to outpace South Sulawesi, the last of four provinces to have recorded over 10,000 cases since the outbreak.

Central Java has been averaging 119 cases since the beginning of August, just one case more than the daily average in South Sulawesi, and has recorded more than double the number of Covid-19 deaths.

The death toll in Central Java reached 720, in comparison to 334 deaths in South Sulawesi.

The number of recovered Covid-19 patients has increased by 1,749 nationwide in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of recoveries to 79,306 or 64.2 percent of the total cases.