Residents take a swab test for coronavirus in Cilandak, Eats Jakarta, on Oct. 3, 2020. (Antara Photo/Rivan Awal Lingga)

Jakarta Passes 80,000 Covid Cases, Central and West Java See Surge 


OCTOBER 06, 2020

Jakarta. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Jakarta exceeded 80,000 on Tuesday while two other worst affected provinces experienced another surge in newly cases.

The top four provinces with the most cases account for more than a half of the national count and all but East Java have been dealing with surging caseloads. 

Jakarta has been averaging more than 1,200 cases since the beginning of the month to accumulate 80,979 cases. The capital reported the highest daily death toll, with 31 to take its total death toll to 1,802.

West Java added 508 new cases, bringing its total number of confirmed cases to 24,910. The country’s most populous province has more than doubled its caseloads in just over a month and overtaken Central Java in the third place of province with the most cases.

Central Java has been averaging 349 cases in the last six days, in comparison to an average of 282 cases in September. It now has a total of 24,529 cases, including 1,457 deaths.

The surge is slowing in East Java, which has the second-highest number of cases and the biggest number of death toll. It averages 279 cases this week, down from the daily average of 340 last month. East Java has a total of 45,417 cases, including 3,325 deaths.

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Countrywide, Indonesia has recorded 4,056 cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases to 311,176. It reported 121 more Covid-19 deaths for a total of 11,374.

An estimate preditcs that the country will pass the half a million mark in the mid of November.

At least 635 Covid-19 patients have died since the start of the month, but the government excluded deaths in probable cases from its tally.

Surge in Sumatra
Two provinces on Sumatra Island -- Riau and West Sumatra -- have the highest daily average apart from the top four provinces in Java.

Riau has been averaging 202 cases since Oct. 1, indicating a continued surge after seeing its caseloads quadrupling in September. The province in the central part of Sumatra now has 8,832 cases, a dramatic surge from just around 1,800 cases on August 31 that put it into the top ten provinces.

West Sumatra recorded just 86 new cases on Tuesday, its lowest daily number since Sept. 11, but the province has been averaging 191 cases in the last six days. It now has a total of 7,429 cases.

Both West Sumatra and Riau began to see an uptick in cases in late August.

South Sulawesi, which is ranked fifth with 15,946 cases, has reported a significant drop in daily numbers with an average of just 61 cases in the last six days. The daily average in North Sumatra (10,869) and South Kalimantan (10,734) also fell to the two-digit territory.

However, the virus is still spreading fast in East Kalimantan, which has added 1,112 cases in the past week. It has a total of 9,763 cases and overtook Bali (9,547) in the eighth place on Sunday.

The country is still dealing with around 63,300 active cases of the virus in all 34 provinces.