The Jakarta Police plan to test its new electronic traffic ticketing system, known as e-tilang, from next month. (Antara Photo/Reno Esnir)

Jakarta Police to Test Electronic Traffic Ticketing System From Next Month


SEPTEMBER 20, 2018

Jakarta. The Jakarta Police plan to test its new electronic traffic ticketing system, known as e-tilang, from next month.

Jakarta will be first city in the country to implement this system, which forms part of efforts to alleviate traffic congestion, considered among the worst in the world.

The system will be tested in Jalan Jenderal Sudirman and Jalan M.H. Thamrin in Central Jakarta from October.

Jakarta Police traffic unit chief Sr. Comr. Yusuf said drivers often only obey traffic rules while on-duty police officers are watching them, but that personnel are not available around the clock.

"This system can encourage drivers to improve their behavior, despite traffic police is not being present to watch the road for the entire 24 hours," he said on Wednesday (19/09).

The traffic unit will work with the Jakarta Transportation Agency and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to set up infrared surveillance cameras at intersections. This will allow the police to record traffic violations during the night.

The system will record and capture any traffic violations along the roads, including violation of the city's odd-even traffic rationing scheme.

The data of traffic violations will be sent to the Jakarta Police Traffic Management Center where a team will verify the information before sending electronic tickets to vehicle owners' phone numbers or email addresses.

Traffic offenders will be required to pay the fines within 14 days via bank transfer.

The police will block the vehicle registration certificates of offenders, which means owners will be unable to sell their vehicles or extend their licenses until they pay the fines.