Japanese comic artist Onan Hiroshi on Sunday (25/02) posted an apology tweet after his satire drawings of President Joko Widodo drew ire from Indonesian netizens.

Japanese Artist Apologizes After Depicting Jokowi as Beggar in Comic Strip


FEBRUARY 26, 2018

Jakarta. Japanese artist Onan Hiroshi tweeted an apology on Sunday (25/02) after a comic strip he made of President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo drew the ire of Indonesian netizens.

He apologized to Jokowi, the government and the people of Indonesia for publishing the drawings and said his use of the term "beggar" to describe the president had been excessive.

He explained that he was angry at the time he made the drawings and he has since had time to calm down.

Hiroshi also removed the drawings from his social media accounts.

"I,m sorry. beggar is over Excessive demands. I was heat up. but now cooldown. Mr, president JOKOWI and Indonesian everyone, and Indnesia gov[.] I,m Really sorry. I am shame. I take back picture. I,m sorry," Hiroshi tweeted.

The hashtag #IndonesiaBukanPengemis trended on Twitter for several hours on Sunday, with many Indonesians expressing their disapproval with Hiroshi's portrayal of Jokowi as a beggar.

Indonesian netizens were quick to correct Hiroshi, who was alluding to the fact that Indonesia's fast railway projects are being built with the help of China and Japan. Some responded to the allegations by providing details of existing cooperation.

The original drawings, which were reportedly first posted on Hiroshi's Facebook page, have since been removed, along with the page itself.