Joko Scolds Bureaucratic Reform Minister Over Cabinet Performance Report


JANUARY 06, 2016

Jakarta. President Joko Widodo has openly criticized Bureaucratic Reform Minister Yuddy Chrisnandi for releasing a performance appraisal on fellow cabinet members, suggesting that the latter had overstepped his authority.

“Only the president can evaluate the performance of his ministers,” Joko said at the state palace on Wednesday.

The president was commenting on to the barrage of criticisms aimed at Yuddy, who this week published the performance evaluation report on 77 ministries on the Bureaucratic Reform Ministry's website.

The site lists the Manpower Ministry, the Sports Ministry and the Ministry of Village Development and Underprivileged Regions as agencies that scored the lowest. He ranked his own office the sixth best performing government agency.

Critics, which include some of the country's top experts and public officials, said it is inappropriate for a minister to evaluate the work of his fellow state officials.

People's Consultative Assembly speaker Zulkifli Hasan noted that the president never instructed Yuddy's office to make such an evaluation. Even if Joko had done so, he continued, the result “would best be published internally.”

Yuddy defended his evaluation, saying he had the legal basis to conduct the appraisal and that several other agencies had also been involved.

“The team composed of assessors from the Finance Ministry, Home Affairs Ministry, State Finance Development Controller [BPKP], Corruption Eradication Commission [KPK] and Central Statistics Agency [BPS]. So it was [done in a] comprehensive [manner],” he said on Tuesday.