President Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo delivering his victory speech in a slum area in Kampung Deret, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday. (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)

Jokowi Makes His Victory Speech in a Jakarta Slum


MAY 21, 2019

Jakarta. Joko "Jokowi" Widodo made a victory speech in a slum area in Central Jakarta on Tuesday, accompanied by his running mate Ma'ruf Amin, following the official announcement of the results of this year's presidential and legislative elections.

"Thank God, the national recapitulation of the 2019 simultaneous elections [was announced] early this morning and the people of Indonesia have made their choice through the presidential and legislative elections," Jokowi said in Kampung Deret, surrounded by residents.

"Mr. Ma'ruf Amin and I thank all the people of Indonesia, wherever you are, for the trust you have placed in us," the incumbent president said.

The General Elections Commission (KPU) announced early Tuesday morning that Jokowi and Ma'ruf had won the April 17 presidential election by 85.6 million votes, or 55.5 percent of the total.

"After the inauguration in October, we will be the president and vice president of all the people of Indonesia. We are the leaders and protectors of 100 percent of Indonesia's people. We will fight to achieve social justice for 100 percent of Indonesia's people," Jokowi said.

Separately, presidential rival Prabowo Subianto and his running mate Sandiaga Uno announced on Tuesday afternoon that they will not accept the election result and plan to take their dispute to the Constitutional Court.

The pair has secured 68.6 million votes, or 44.5 percent of the total.

The candidate pair has also declined to sign off on the final vote count. 

"I really appreciate it if Mr. Prabowo and Mr. Sandi go to the Constitutional Court. That is indeed in accordance with the Constitution and the law," Jokowi said when asked about his rivals' refusal to accept the result.

The president added that he wants to maintain a good relationship with them.

Jokowi also used the opportunity to thank all parties that participated in Indonesia's first ever simultaneous presidential and legislative elections.

The KPU said any objections to the result of its national tabulation should be lodged with the Constitutional Court within 72 hours after Tuesday morning's official announcement.