Just 7 Election Disputes to Be Heard By Constitutional Court


JANUARY 27, 2016

Jakarta. After rejecting more than 100 cases which failed to meet the requirements set by the law, the Constitutional Court is set to begin summoning witnesses and experts to testify for just seven regional election disputes, a court spokesman said.

Fajar Laksono, Constitutional Court spokesman, said only seven election disputes fulfil legal requirements for the Court to proceed with evidence cross-examination and testimony hearings.

“The agenda is to cross-check the documents, to hear testimonies from witnesses and the Bawaslu [Elections Supervisory Agency],” Fajar told reporters on Tuesday (26/1).

The seven lawsuits were filed by plaintiffs from the districts of South Solok in West Sumatra, Sula Island (North Maluku), Papua's Membamo Raya, Bintuni Bay (West Papua), Kuantan Singigi (Riau), West Bangka (Bangka Belitung) and Muna (Southwest Sulawesi).

The hearings will be held on Feb. to 2 while the verdicts are scheduled to be issued on March 7, Fajar said.

The Court earlier received 147 lawsuits and has granted a motion for a ballot recount in one subdistrict in South Halmahera, North Maluku.

Five lawsuits were retracted by the plaintiffs before the Court had a chance to weigh in. The Court dismissed 99 cases for failing to meet the 2 percent vote margin requirement set by the Law on Regional Elections. A further 35 cases failed to meet the deadline of submission within 72 hours of the announcement of results.

Indonesia staged its first simultaneous regional elections on Dec. 9, 2015, with 264 provinces, districts and cities choosing their new leaders.

The next round of simultaneous regional elections is slated for 2017, including the Jakarta gubernatorial election.