Justice Ministry Revokes Romahurmuziy's Leadership of PPP


JANUARY 05, 2016

Jakarta. The Justice Ministry will soon revoke a decree legalizing politician Romahurmuziy's chairmanship of the United Development Party, but neither will it endorse a rival faction, according to a top official.

The Islamic-based party, better known as the PPP, has been divided into two camps since October 2014, with Romahurmuziy and rival Djan Farids both claiming to the its rightful leader.

The two factions have since then engaged in legal battles over governmental recognition of their leaderships, culminating in the Supreme Court's ruling on Romahurmuziy's reign on Oct. 20, 2015. President Joko Widodo's administration immediately recognized the pro-government politician as the legitimate chairman of the PPP.

Responding to the court order, Justice Minister Yasonna Laoly said on Tuesday: "Just wait. We will soon scrap [the ruling]."

But neither is he siding with Djan, he added.

“It is up to [the PPP politicians] and their party's internal mechanisms.”

Romahurmuziy staged a party assembly in October 2014 in Surabaya, East Java, to remove then-incumbent chairman Suryadharma Ali shortly after he was named graft suspect by the the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)

Suryadharma and his supporters contended that Romahurmuziy's congress was not a legitimate forum for electing a leader, and a month later stage their own shadow congress in Jakarta, where Djan was declared chairman. The two faction spread rivalry in all areas ever since, including political support for the government in the house.

Romahurmuziy's faction declared themselves as a loyal government supporter, while Djan's faction stood in between as a government opposition and supporters.