Retired Army general Kivlan Zen was arrested by police in May. (Antara Photo/Reno Esnir)

Kivlan Zen's Lawyer to Report Pretrial Judge to Judiciary Commission


JULY 08, 2019

Jakarta. Retired Army general Kivlan Zen's lawyer said he will report Judge Ahmad Guntur from the Jakarta District Court to the Judiciary Commission for delaying his client's pretrial.

Judge Ahmad on Monday decided to delay Kivlan's pretrial until July 22 because the Jakarta Police investigators failed to appear at the court until their deadline had passed.

"Kivlan was not treated fairly by the South Jakarta District Court ... a two-week delay is too much and unjust," Kivlan's lawyer Tonin Singarimbun said on Monday.

Judge Ahmad refused Tonin's request to bring forward the next trial session, arguing he already had a busy schedule.

Kivlan was arrested by the Jakarta Police for his alleged involvement in an assassination plot targeting four high-ranking officials and the boss of a political polling company. 

Almost at the same time, he was also declared a treason suspect for trying to provoke a people power demonstration. 

The former chief of staff of the Army’s Strategic Command has been detained at a Military Police detention center in South Jakarta since May. The police declined to release him on bail for refusing to cooperate. 

Police investigators have now handed over Kivlan's case to the state prosecutors.


Kivlan Zen