Lili Madari, the wife of Bengkulu Governor Ridwan Mukti — center, in green headscarf — is escorted to the KPK headquarters in Jakarta on Tuesday (20/06). (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)

Bengkulu Governor and His Wife Arrested With a Box of Money


JUNE 20, 2017

Jakarta. A team from the Corruption Eradication Commission arrested Bengkulu Governor Ridwan Mukti and his wife Lili Madari for allegedly taking bribes from several local contractors — who were also arrested with them — during a sting operation in Bengkulu on Tuesday (20/06).

KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah confirmed the arrest of Governor Ridwan Mukti, a politician from the Golkar party, and his wife.

Bengkulu Governor Ridwan Mukti, center, being escorted by KPK officials. (Photo courtesy of Beritasatu)

"Yes, the KPK conducted a sting operation in Bengkulu today, and we arrested a total of five individuals at the location," Febri said in Jakarta on Tuesday (20/06), as quoted by


Febri did not reveal the identities of the people arrested, but suggested they were targeted for their involvement in a bribery scandal.

"We suspect there was an illegal transaction between a group of contractors and local authorities. Our team also seized a box filled with money," he said.

It was later reported the box contained Rp 1 billion (US$75,200), allegedly bribe money from a contractor.

The five people arrested are currently being held at KPK headquarters in Jakarta for further investigation.

"We will interrogate them and then determine their status in 24 hours," Febri said.

As reported by Suara Pembaruan, at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday a KPK team arrested Lili Madari, the wife of the Bengkulu Governor, and three contractors at her house in Bengkulu.

They were brought to Bengkulu Police headquarters to be interrogated.

Her husband Ridwan was chairing a meeting at the governor's office when he was told his wife had been arrested by the KPK. He went straight to the police station after he heard the news.

Soon after, the governor and his wife along with the contractors were flown to Jakarta by KPK investigators.