KPK Deputy Chairman Laode Syarif, center. (Antara Photo)

KPK Arrests Nine People, Including Three SOE Directors


SEPTEMBER 24, 2019

Jakarta. The Corruption Eradication Commission, or KPK, has arrested nine people in separate busts in Jakarta and Bogor, West Java, including three directors of state-run fishery company Perum Perindo, the anti-graft agency said on Monday night.

"We can confirm that our team in Jakarta has followed up leads about suspected transactions between fish importers and directors of a state-run fishery company," KPK deputy chairman Laode Syarif said in a statement.

"The team has confiscated $30,000 in cash, allegedly used as kickback for [fixing] import quota of certain fish granted by Perum Perindo for the importers. One of them is the [import quota for] frozen Pacific mackerel." 

According to the Perindo website, the company's board of directors comprises only three members, President Director Risyanto Suanda, Finance Director Arief Goentoro and Operating Director Farida Mokodompit.

In addition, the KPK also arrested several Perindo employees and importers, Laode said.

According to Indonesian law, the KPK cannot publish the identities of the detainees until they become suspects. The agency has 24 hours since an arrest is made to determine the detainees' legal status. 

"We are currently conducting intensive interrogation of the detainees at the KPK office in Jakarta," Laode said.

He then took the chance to deliver a somewhat political statement.

"The KPK is doing its best to do its job of eradicating corruption despite many attempts to undermine and dismantle its powers," Syarif said without elaborating.

He and KPK Chairman Agus Raharjo are known as staunch critics of the amended KPK law, which was passed in a House of Representatives' (DPR) plenary session last week.

The amended law orders the establishment of a supervisory body inside the KPK, makes it compulsory for the agency to obtain permission for wiretaps and gives a two-year transition period for all KPK employees and investigators to join the civil service, including those hired from the police and the Attorney General's Office.

The new law awaits President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo’s signature before it comes into effect.

Thousands of students have joined street rallies in several cities to protest the amendment. The rally also targeted the DPR compound in Jakarta, with organizers saying it would continue on Tuesday.