The last of three Indonesian fishermen taken hostage in the Southern Philippines was freed on Wednesday. (Photo from

Last Indonesian Hostage Rescued From Militant Group in Southern Philippines


JANUARY 16, 2020

Jakarta. The last of three Indonesian fishermen who were captured and taken hostage by an armed group in the Southern Philippines last year was released by the Philippine military on Wednesday, Indonesia's Foreign Affairs Ministry has said.

Gunmen captured Muhammad Farhan (27), his father Maharudin Lunani (48) and another Indonesian fisherman, Samiun Maneu (27), in Lahad Datu near Sabah, Malaysia, on Sept. 23.


After 90 days in captivity, Maharudin and Samiun were rescued in a military operation that killed a Philippine soldier on Dec. 22, but the kidnappers did not let Farhan go.

He was finally rescued by Philippine soldiers on Wednesday evening in a raid in Baranggay Bato Bato near Indanan Sulu, the ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

Farhan was taken to the Westmincom Hospital in Zamboanga for a medical checkup before he was handed over to the Indonesian Embassy in Manila to be sent home.

The kidnappers are believed to be linked with the Abu Sayyaf militant group.