Disney Tsum Tsum plush toys on display in a toy store. (Photo courtesy of Disney)

Line Announces 70 Million Downloads of Disney's Tsum Tsum Game


JULY 03, 2017

Jakarta. Line, the Japanese game developer that made Disney's Tsum Tsum online puzzle, announced on Monday (03/07) that the game had topped 70 million downloads worldwide and has accumulated sales of $1 billion globally.

Combined with merchandise sales, Tsum Tsum has earned Line and Disney closer to $2 billion, showing it is on the right track to be a global phenomenon.

But Tsum Tsum still has a long way to go to get to the top of the online game world. As comparison, the Angry Birds game, which debuted in 2009, has been downloaded over 3 billion times. 

Disney Tsum Tsum is a puzzle game that features stuffed toys designed after popular Disney and Pixar characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Olaf from "Frozen" and Baymax from "Big Hero 6."

The game, which derives its name from the Japanese word "tsumu" or "to stack" in English, is tied to a popular Japanese messaging app.

"Tsum" is a character in the game. Users gain points by connecting three or more Tsums in a game that each lasts for one minute. Users can save the game and play it on more than one device using their Line accounts.

Launched in Japan on January 2014, the game is now available for iOS and Android devices in 154 countries.

In a statement, Line says the game has been played over 165.4 billion times worldwide since its debut. Forty-seven percent of the total global sales for the game came from Asia. It is the most popular game in Japan, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and several countries in Southeast Asia.

Walt Disney Asia president Paul Chandland said in the statement they are proud of the international appeal of the game.

"Tsum Tsum connects with fans across multiple platforms and experiences and is proving to be a successful channel to introduce new intellectual property," he said.

Tsum Tsum characters now also have their own TV series, "Disney Tsum Tsum," an animation show that premiered in 2014 on Disney Channel in the United States.

Disney is a Dow 30 company with recorded revenues of $55.6 billion in its most recent fiscal year.