Lippo Group chairman Mochtar Riady, left, Research and Technology Minister Muhammad Nasir, center, and University of Indonesia rector M. Anis. (ID Photo/David Gita Roza)

Lippo's Mochtar Riady Donates Nanotech Center to UI


MARCH 10, 2015

Jakarta. Lippo Group founder Mochtar Riady donated a cutting-edge research center to the University of Indonesia (UI) on Tuesday in a sign of strong support for nanotechnology development in Indonesia.

In ceremony on Tuesday at which the Lippo Group founder handed over the center to the university, named Mochtar Riady Quantum Plaza, Mochtar said progress in research and development was essential for advancing any country. He cited the United States’ leadership in technology research and development as an example.

“Technology really determines the fate of a nation and shapes a university,” he said in a speech at UI’s School of Engineering.

The 3,000-square-meter, five-story building will provide researchers, students and lecturers with state-of-the-art equipment.

Also attending the ceremony was Research and Technology Minister Muhammad Nasir, UI rector Muhammad Anis and Engineering School dean Dedy Priadi.

UI is one of the nation’s greatest sources of strength, Mochtar said, adding that he hoped the new research center would enable the university to lead the field in researching and developing new technology.

Since there are already numerous nanotechnology researchers at UI, Mochtar said he believed that the center had the potential to unite and accelerate field’s advancement in Indonesia.

Dedy praised Mochtar, saying that his encouragement propelled the university to become a center of excellence for nanotechnology research when he chaired the university’s highest body, Wali Amanat, from 2002-06.

He added that the donation would make it easier for UI to become a world-class university.

Minister Nasir said that the government would continue to support research for the benefit of people as a whole.

“The government will continue to work together with companies to advance research,” through incentives such as tax deductions, Nasir said. “We hope that more companies like Lippo Group are willing to cooperate with universities and the government,” he said.

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