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Lukas Enembe Doesn't Seem to Have Health Issue: Mahfud

Yustinus Paat
11 Jan 2023 | 14:15 WIB
Papua Governor Lukas Enembe arrives at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital in Jakarta for a medical checkup on January 10, 2023.(Antara photo)
Papua Governor Lukas Enembe arrives at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital in Jakarta for a medical checkup on January 10, 2023.(Antara photo)

Jakarta. Papua Governor Lukas Enembe was forcibly flown to Jakarta to face investigation by the Corruption Eradication Commission, or KPK, which has been waiting for months to make sure the suspect is medically fit to undergo legal proceedings, Chief Security Minister Mohammad Mahfud said on Wednesday.

Lukas has resisted arrest since he was named a corruption suspect in early September, arguing that he needed to regularly undergo medical checkups. 

But Mahfud said that during the past four months, Lukas has shown normal activities as governor without signs of any serious health problems. 

“Lukas appears active as a healthy person does -- he inaugurated new buildings and did other activities. After consulting with me on the afternoon of January 5, the KPK chairman decided that Lukas Enembe would be arrested with very high regard for human rights,” Mahfud told a news conference at his office in Jakarta.


In late November, Lukas' defense team requested a permit to take medical treatment in Singapore but a month later he was seen in public inaugurating the new governor's office and eight other buildings.

Mahfud said the medical reasons frequently used by Lukas have hampered the ongoing investigation.

“The law says a sick person cannot be investigated or detained but it must be proven by a doctor's recommendation. Lukas followed the guidelines but he remained active with no signs of illness," Mahfud said.

Now after he's in custody, the KPK will take responsibility for his medical examination if deemed necessary.

"Even if he must go to a foreign country like Singapore for medical examination, the government will take and escort him there, but he is not allowed to go there by himself,” Mahfud said.

Lukas was arrested on Tuesday while having lunch at a restaurant in Jayapura with colleagues.

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