Suspects in a fraud case are presented during a press conference at the Jakara Police compound on Wednesday. The suspects have allegedly forged home title certificate to obtain Rp 3.7 billion bank loan. (B1 Photo/Bayu Marhaenjati)

Man Hires Fake Parents to Get $262,000 Loan


MARCH 05, 2020

Jakarta. A South Jakarta man was arrested for allegedly forging his parents’ home title certificate and using it to get Rp 3.7 billion ($262,000) in bank loan with the help of other people, two of them acted as stand-in parents for him, police said on Wednesday.

The suspect, identified by his initials A.F., stole the certificate from a safe at his parents’ home in Cipete, South Jakarta, and took it to a document forgery ring to produce the imitation of it. The suspect also asked the ring to imitate falsely his parents’ ID cards.

His parents were in South Korea for medical treatment when he forged the documents in October last year, Jakarta Police spokesman Chief Comr. Yusri Yunus said in a press conference. 

A.F. put the false certificate in the safe and brought the genuine document to a notary public to get a bridging loan -- a short-term, high-interest loan commonly used by people who want to refinance or sell their property.

"The genuine certificate was handed to the notary to get a bridging loan of Rp 3.7 billion, while the actual price of the home could reach Rp 60 billion. In doing so, he was accompanied by two people acting as his parents, who used fake IDs to convince the notary. He managed to get the loan disbursed,” Yusri said.

A.F. was unable to repay the loan at the end of the three-month term, prompting the lender to come to seize the property, Yusri said.

The parents were shocked because they never took a loan and filed a complaint with the Jakarta Police.

"After an investigation, it was learned that the mastermind was their own son, who asked help from a document forgery syndicate,” Yusri said. 

“We arrested seven suspects in the case, three of them have tested positive for drugs,” he added.

Chief Insp. Reza Mahendra, a detective who led the investigation, said the accomplices were paid between Rp 7 million and Rp 20 million.

“The man who acted as his father was paid Rp 20 million, while the stand-in mother got Rp 10 million,” Reza said.

“The rest of the money was allegedly used by A.F. to repay his other debts and buy drugs,” he added.

Four other suspects have played different roles such as forging documents and selling drugs, he said.

All the seven suspects were presented in the press conference at the Jakarta Police compound. 

Police slapped them with multiple charges, including theft, document forgery, fraud and illegal use of drugs.