Meet Buddyguard, a Neighborhood Watch App

Buddyguard vice president David (Krav) speaks with the Jakarta Globe at his office in Cipete Utara, South Jakarta, on Friday (08/06). (JG Photo/Amal Ganesha)

By : Amal Ganesha | on 7:45 PM June 09, 2018
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Jakarta. Have you ever felt unsafe while walking home alone? Ever witnessed a bad incident and felt helpless? A mobile app called Buddyguard will now make you feel more secure.

"Buddyguard is a tool to make members of the public feel safer," David "Krav," Buddyguard vice president of public safety and risk management told the Jakarta Globe in Jakarta on Friday (08/06).

"Don't get us wrong, we're not overlapping the police, we want to assist them. And we are not a security service company," he said.

Buddyguard was founded by Indonesian actor Fardhan Khan in January.

The application provides data for users to help others who find themselves in danger posed by a terrorist attack, robbery, fire or natural disasters.

It can also be used to give and get assistance in situations that are not life-threatening.

"Even when a user has a problem with his car tire, he can get help through Buddyguard," David said, who is also a self-defense instructor.

The application's features include Siskamling, a virtual group in which people can monitor other people's houses in the same residential area, FamilyGuard, a tool to track family members when they are outside, and TourGuard, with which tourist will not lose their guide.

The application's most important feature is Panic Button.

"Panic Button has been the most popular feature of the application. When pushed, our dispatchers will launch an investigation to check what is happening," David said.

Buddyguard also has a quick response team, which partners with the police.

"When out dispatcher team identifies the problem, we will take appropriate action to solve it," David said.

In late 2016, Jakarta was shocked by a robbery in Pulo Gadung, in which six people suffocated to death while being held hostage locked.

The tragic incident made Fardhan establish Buddyguard, which tries to bridge the Indonesian tradition of siskamling, or neighborhood watch, with technology.

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