Minister for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Yuddy Chrisnandi right, seen with Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo. (Antara Photo/Muhammad Adimaja)

Minister Vows to Go After Civil Servants Involved in Election Campaigns


OCTOBER 23, 2015

Jakarta. Minister for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Yuddy Chrisnandi is warning civil servants to stay out of politics or face sanctions, as new laws make it easier for the government to oust people who cross the line in upcoming elections.

The minister was referring on Friday to laws on regional government passed this year and last stating that civil servants are not allowed to be involved in politics.

“We will not take it [civil servants' political involvement] easy anymore, just like the previous years when we just scolded them. Now that we have laws on this issue, we can easily fire them,” Yuddy said at the vice-presidential office in Central Jakarta , as quoted by Tempo.

“For example, if there is a civil servant of senior rank who abuses his power by using the government's assets for the regional election [to support a candidate], then we would fire him immediately," the minister said, adding that transgressors could also be demoted.

The Home Affairs Ministry and the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) together with Yuddy's ministry on Friday also announced the creation of a task force that would keep a close eye on civil servants in the upcoming regional elections, which will be held simultaneously nationwide for the first time on Dec. 9.

“They [civil servants] must remain neutral in all elections, regardless of their position. Even though are allowed to vote, they cannot take sides [in their professional capacity]. They cannot campaign for their favorite candidates,” Yuddy said.

Indonesian civil servants are not allowed to be a member of a political party. They are, however, allowed to vote, unlike members of the military and police.