Passengers checking in at Juanda International Airport in Sidoarjo, East Java, on March 24. (Antara Photo/Umarul Faruq)

More Indonesians Die From Covid-19 Abroad as Global Cases Reach 9m


JUNE 22, 2020

Jakarta. A total of 1084 Indonesians have contracted Covid-19 while abroad and 68 of them have died from the disease, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Monday.

Another 310 Indonesians are still being treated for the disease at hospitals overseas. 

Malaysia has the most number of Indonesians who have tested positive for Covid-19 with 167 (two dead, 125 hospitalized), followed by Saudi Arabia (155 cases, 27 dead, 83 hospitalized), the US (81 cases, 16 dead, 17 hospitalized), Kuwait (87 cases, two dead, seven hospitalized), India (75 cases, all recovered) and Qatar (71 cases. one dead, 11 hospitalized).

The other cases are spread in 43 countries and several cruise ships. New cases have recently emerged in Chile, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Canada, the Maldives, North Macedonia, Mexico, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Sweden.

More Indonesians overseas have died from Covid-19 in Saudi Arabia than in other countries despite the country's strict health protocol.

The country had just ended its restrictions and curfews on Sunday. Locals are now allowed to pray again in mosques in the holy city of Mecca.

This year's annual hajj pilgrimage was scheduled for late July, but the Saudi government has held off on announcing whether it will allow foreign travelers to travel to the holy city or not.

Meanwhile, Malaysia has relaxed its movement control order (MCO) since June 9 as it entered a "recovery phase" that's expected to last until Aug. 31.

The country saw only 15 new Covid-19 cases on Monday. 

Meanwhile, the US – the global pandemic epicenter – has registered over two million cases of Covid-19 and its pandemic curve is still rising.

The country recorded over 7,000 new cases on Monday.

Globally, Covid-19 has infected more than 9 million people with over 470,000 deaths. There are still 3.7 million active cases and 4.8 million people who have recovered.