A Muslim man holds a placard, reading "Not in my name", during a gathering on Jan. 9, 2015 near the mosque of Saint-Etienne, eastern France. (AFP Photo/Jean Philippe Ksiazek)

Not in My Name, Says Indonesia Religious Minister After Paris Attacks

JANUARY 15, 2015

Jakarta. Indonesia's Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin released a statement on Thursday addressing the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France, saying "the shooting should be a lesson from every party."

"Don't respond by acting to worsen the situation," the minister said. "Conducting a counter attack by creating massive caricatures as a symbol of support can end in a harsher and undesirable response."

Indonesia has been at pains to walk a moderate line in the wake of the attacks. While some in France and elsewhere may feel a degree of victim-blaming was implied in Lukman's response, others will emphasize the ministry's condemnation of violence.

"The prophet himself set an example by praying for those who insulted him rather than attacking or killing them," he said. "All disputes should be conducted through court trials. That's the civilized way, not by taking actions into one's own hands and spilling blood.

"Indonesian Muslims should not be provoked by thoughtless acts. We should know that the true essence of Islamic teachings is to treat humans humanely, not to degrade humanity."