Two new comic books released on Sunday (04/02) to encourage teens to visit museums. (JG Photo/Telly Nathalia)

New Comic Books to Bring Young Indonesians Back to Museums


FEBRUARY 04, 2018

Jakarta. Two new comic books were launched on Sunday (04/02) in Jakarta to encourage young Indonesians to visit museums and learn about their culture and heritage.

The books were published by a group called the Culture and Museum Lovers of Indonesia (KPBMI) that held a launch party for the books at the National Museum in Central Jakarta.


"We're worried that young people no longer care about their culture and history, and don't like going to museums. We want to entice them back to museums, and not just to take selfies," the group's chairman Dhanu Wibowo told the Jakarta Globe.

The comics, "Ayo ke Museum" (Let's Go to the Museum) and "Cagar Budaya" (Cultural Heritage), were both written by members of the group.

"Ayo ke Museum tells kids what museums we have all over the country and what interesting activities are available there. It's a unique guide book," Dhanu said.

"Cagar Budaya tells them how young people can help preserve our cultural heritage," he said.

The group said they decided to release the guide books as comics to make it easier for young Indonesians to understand the message.

People of all ages and backgrounds make up the members of the KPBMI. They meet regularly for public discussions and museum visits every month.

The group was established in 2015 and has been working together with the Education and Culture Ministry since last year on campaigns to encourage young Indonesians to learn more about their own culture and history.