New Police Chiefs for Banten and W. Papua Inaugurated

JANUARY 09, 2015

Jakarta. The National Police in their Jakarta headquarters on Friday inaugurated Brig. Gen. Boy Rafli Amar as chief of Banten Police and Brig. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw as chief of West Papua Police.

“[I urge you] to obey all the regulations with the highest degrees of attention and responsibility, to uphold the honor of the nation and the National Police, and to always prioritize the interests of the public, the nation and the country above personal, group or class interests,” National Police chief Gen. Sutarman told the two officers during the ceremony.

Paulus will lead the newly created, Manokwari-based West Papua Police, which oversees operations at nine sectoral police offices: Kaimana Police, Fakfak Police, Manokwari Police, Sorong City Police, Aimas Police, South Sorong Police, Raja Ampat Police, Bintuni Police and Wondama Bay Police.

“The organization has given you the trust as the first West Papua Police chief […] consider this as an honor and reason for motivation,” said Sutarman. “As an officer of the National Police who was based in Papua for a long time," he told Paulus, "I believe that you have what it takes."

"Make sure you monitor and supervise your personnel to the best of your ability."

Police officers and military personnel regularly face accusations of rights violations in Papua, where they are tasked to keep order amid a long-running, low-intensity rebellion against Indonesian rule.

During his speech, Sutarman  urged the new West Papua Police chief to pay attention to a number of key issues, especially corruption.

“The huge budget for the development of the area is prone to misuse [by regional officials]. Therefore, this should be given special attention,” said Sutarman, adding that the West Papua Police must also help create a conducive situation for exploiting the area’s massive natural resources in order to boost development.

Former National Police spokesman Boy, who replaces retired Brig. Gen. M. Zulkarnaen as the chief of Banten Police, was asked to focus on Banten's role in all kinds of illegal operations -- including drug shipments and the smuggling of asylum seekers -- due to its strategic location between Sumatra and the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

“Help the people of Banten if they have difficulties. Monitor the area and take real action when needed. [Banten connects] Java and Sumatra — through Merak Port — which makes Banten prone to the smuggling of goods and people," Sutarman said.