New PPP Chairman Promises to Meet His Jailed Predecessor


APRIL 10, 2016

Jakarta. Muhammad Romahurmuziy, the newly appointed chairman of the United Development Party, or PPP, promised on Saturday evening (09/04) to meet with his predecessor, Suryadharma Ali, who is currently serving a six-year prison term for corruption during his tenure as religious affairs minister.

"I will meet him as soon as possible, in accordance with permitted [prison] visiting hours," Romahurmuziy, better known as Romi, said at the party's eighth reconciliation meeting in Jakarta.

During his meeting with Suryadharma, Romi plans to ask for his blessings to assume the position of party chairman. He also plans to ask for permission for Suryadharma's wife, Wardatul Asriah, to join the new party structure.

"Thirdly, I will ask for advice on my future leadership, and pray for him to still be released [from his ordeal]," Romi added.

Meanwhile, Romi also asked his opponent, Djan Faridz – who did not attend the congress – to join the new party structure and apply for any position he wants.

Romi also plans to reconcile all the different factions within the PPP by accommodating their members in the party structure.

"The current congress of the PPP will not sack anyone and [the party] will be restructured. This includes the House [of Representatives] faction. I think there is no problem," the new party chairman said.

Romi was officially named party chairman for the 2016-2021 period without any voting, following a year-long dispute between two internal factions headed by himself and Djan. His appointment was approved by 1,062 of the party's members.