Medical workers take specimen from residents for coronavirus tests from behind a glass screen at a laboratory in Cilandak, South Jakarta, on Oct. 26, 2020. (Beritasatu Photo/Joanito De Saojoao)

Newly Coronavirus Cases are Trending Down in Indonesia


OCTOBER 27, 2020

Jakarta. The surge in newly coronavirus cases has been slowing in Indonesia in the last three weeks, although the daily average is still a bit higher from the previous month.

The weekly total of coronavirus cases stands at 27,612, down from 28,220 in the previous week and from 29,446 two weeks ago.

Indonesia has recorded a total of 396,454 cases as of Tuesday, an increase of 3,520 on the total number the previous day, according to the latest data from the Health Ministry.

The death toll rose by 101 for a total of 13,512. The number of recovered patients has beaten newly cases for the fourth day in row, with 4,576 to take the total number of cured Covid-19 patients to 322,248 or 81.3 percent of the reported cases.

A significant increase in recoveries has cut the total number of active cases to 60,694 from more than 64,000 five days ago.

However, the country is still averaging just above 4,000 cases month to date, in comparison to an average of 3,740 in September.

Indonesia has added 109,446 cases since Oct. 1 and is set to reach the 400,000 mark within the next couple of days.

Slower Growth 
Several major hotspots, most importantly Jakarta, are reporting a slower growth in newly cases of the virus.

The capital city saw a dramatic surge in late August, when daily numbers began to pass the 1,000 mark, and by now has more than doubled its total number of cases. But the seven-day average in Jakarta has dropped to 923 from 1,186 two weeks ago.

According to the latest tally on Tuesday, Jakarta has a total of 102,678 cases, including 2,188 deaths. The city is home to 26 percent of Indonesia’s overall cases, meaning that it has a major impact on how the country deals with the pandemic.

East Java has been averaging 287 cases since the beginning of the month, in comparison to the average of 340 cases in September. It has recorded a total of 51,506 cases, including 3,704 deaths, since the outbreak began.

At one point, East Java had the biggest number of cases nationally until Jakarta saw a dramatic surge.

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Among the ten worst-affected provinces, South Kalimantan is the only one that has taken the right path into flattening the curve. Daily numbers in the province were at dozens in the last three days, with an average of just 49 cases month to date. It has recorded a total of 11,662 cases since the outbreak.

Hit badly by the virus early on, South Kalimantan has now dropped places to tenth and will be overtaken by Bali and Banten next month if the current trend persists.

The surge is also slowing in South Sulawesi (18,155), North Sumatra (12,745) and Bali (11,520) -- all manage to keep daily numbers within two digits.

Unprecedented Growth
Situation is starkly different in Riau and West Sumatra. Nearly two months ago, the two provinces on Sumatra Island were ranked lower than 15th but today Riau has the sixth-biggest number of coronavirus cases and West Sumatra is right behind it.

Between Sept. 1 and today, the total number of cases in Riau has soared from 1,924 to 13,998, a staggering increase of 627 percent.

West Sumatra is following the same pattern, from 2,240 cases on Sept. 1 to 13,373 today. It has been averaging 263 cases since the start of the month, the highest number after that of the top four provinces in Java.

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Meanwhile, East Kalimantan sees higher daily average from last month, 174 against 147, taking its total to 13,348.

Newly cases also pick up growth in West and Central Java, both were ranked third and fourth, respectively, in the total number of cases.

West Java has been averaging 464 cases this month, second only to Jakarta, to take its total number of cases to 34,745.

Central Java outpaced East Java with an average of 370 cases month to date. It has a total of 32,414 cases, including 1,701 deaths.

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