Pusbang Film holds a private screening of 'Pagar Kawat Berduri,' a 1961 film restored by Render Digital Indonesia, on Wednesday (20/12). (JG Photo/Dhania Sarahtika)

No Commercial Release of Film Noir Classic 'Pagar Kawat Berduri'


DECEMBER 22, 2017

Jakarta. The Education and Culture Ministry's Film Development Center, or Pusbang Film, held a private screening of "Pagar Kawat Berduri," a recently restored 1961 Indonesian film noir, at the Usmar Ismail Film Center in Kuningan, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (20/12).

Unfortunately, the film will not be released in cinemas. It will enter the film center's archives, Sinematek Indonesia.

"This project was government-funded, so the film cannot be released in cinemas," Pusbang Film head of film archiving Rita Siregar told reporters after the show.

Although the center cannot distribute the film for commercial gain, it will still make 150 copies, which will be sent to schools and screened by the ministry's bioskop keliling (mobile cinemas).

If a school or a community wants to host a screening, they can request a copy from Pusbang Film.

Directed by the legendary filmmaker Asrul Sani, "Pagar Kawat Berduri" ("Barbed-Wire Fence") is a 123-minute film telling a complex and intense story of Indonesian prisoners plotting an escape from Dutch captivity.

The film was restored and remastered to 2K (2048 x 1556) resolution by Jakarta-based company Render Digital Indonesia, which won the Pusbang Film's tender for the project.

The company's project manager Riza F. Akbar said in a press conference on Wednesday that he hoped the success of the film's restoration will make high school and university students aware of the preservation techniques of "historical artifacts."

Next year, Pusbang Film curators will choose another work from its collection for restoration.

Additional reporting by Dina Fitri Anisa of Suara Pembaruan.