A medical worker takes a shower inside the disinfectant chamber after treating Covid-19 patients at the Gambir Public Health Center in Central Jakarta on Oct. 15, 2020. (Beritasatu Photo/Joanito De Saojoao)

Number of Active Coronavirus Cases in Steady Decline


NOVEMBER 03, 2020

Jakarta. The total number of active coronavirus cases has been declining significantly by more than 10,000 cases in the last three weeks amid a downturn in newly cases.

Indonesia has a total of 54,732 active cases as of Tuesday, representing just 13.1 percent of all confirmed cases recorded since the outbreak began, according to the latest Health Ministry data.

The country of 272 million people added 2,973 new cases for a total of 418,375. It’s for the third day in a row that the nationwide daily total has fallen below 3,000 cases.

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An additional 102 Covid patients have died in the last 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 14,146 or 3.4 percent of the confirmed cases.

The one-day number of recoveries beat new cases for the sixth day in a row, with another 3,931 to take the total number of recovered patients to nearly 349,500.

West Java on Top
West Java has surpassed Jakarta as the province with the most active cases, totaling 9,613 or around 36 percent of 37,408 confirmed cases overall. 

Jakarta has a total of 8,739 active cases of the virus, but the figure represents a tiny 8 percent of the city’s 107,846 confirmed cases since the outbreak.

A slower growth of newly cases in several provinces hit badly by the virus much earlier means that they now have fewer active cases than emerging hotspots.

East Java, second only to Jakarta with a total of 53,274 confirmed coronavirus cases, currently has only 2,194 active cases or 4.1 percent, fewer than that of Papua (4,205 active cases), Central Java (4,064), West Sumatra (3,724), Riau (2,763) and East Kalimantan (2,229). 

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South Kalimantan is ranked tenth in terms of confirmed cases, but it has managed to nearly flatten the curve in more than a month with just 494 active cases from a total of 11,909 confirmed cases. In comparison, Jambi has 565 active cases from just 1,237 confirmed cases overall.

The surge is slowing in most of worst-affected provinces, including Jakarta that reported 617 new cases -- down sharply from 1,024 a day earlier.

West Sumatra, which moved one place higher to sixth yesterday, added just 73 cases for a total of 15,013. It’s the province’s smallest daily number in almost two months and the first time it recorded a two-digit daily rise since Oct. 6.

The daily number is also fewer than 80 in other hotspots like North Sumatra, Bali, Banten and Papua. Meanwhile, South Sulawesi registered just 27 new cases, Aceh reported 25 more cases and South Kalimantan added just 16 cases.

Daily numbers returned to three digits in East Kalimantan, which recorded 152 cases for a total of 14,497, and Riau that registered 106 new cases to take its total to 14,947. Both reported just 86 and 11 cases, respectively, in the previous day.

Newly cases are moving flat in East Java with 272 new cases -- the province has never reported fewer than 200 cases a day since three months ago.

But new infections are still trending up in Central and West Java, which added 453 and 484 new cases, respectively.

East Java is leading the nationwide death toll with a total of 3,818 Covid deaths, followed by Jakarta (2,298), Central Java (1,789), West Java (737) and North Sumatra (546).

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