Number of Indonesians Studying in US Hits 13-Year High

The US Embassy, in conjunction with the US State Department US Education Department presented International Education Week in Jakarta on Nov. 13-17 to encourage Indonesians to study in the United States. (JG Photo/Sheany)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 8:09 PM November 17, 2017
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Jakarta. A US State Department report, compiled in collaboration with the nonprofit Institute of International Education, shows that the number of Indonesians studying in the United States is currently at a 13-year high.

More than half of them are undergraduate students.

The annual Open Doors report, which examines trends in international academic mobility in the United States, was released during the opening of International Education Week in Jakarta on Monday (13/11).

The annual event forms part of a US State Department and US Education Department initiative to attract more international students to enrollĀ at universities in the United States.

In return, the US government expects Americans to seek study opportunities abroad to gain a better understanding of a more interconnected world.

The 2017 Open Doors report shows that 8,776 Indonesians are currently studying in the United States. This puts Indonesia in 19th place among countries with the most students enrolled at US universities. Indonesia is also in 12th place among countries with the most students enrolled at US community colleges.

The report estimates that this figure represents a nearly 27 percent increase in the number of Indonesians studying in the United States since 2010.

Of the Indonesian students in the United States, 61.6 percent are undergraduates, 20 percent are pursuing graduate studies, 13.5 percent are receiving optional practical training, and 4.9 percent are enrolled in non-degree programs, such as English language or short-term studies.

"International students have a major positive impact on US communities, universities and colleges by enhancing classrooms and campuses with an exchange of ideas, improved understanding of different cultures, and by contributing more than $39.4 billion to the US economy," the US Embassy said in a statement received by the Jakarta Globe on Wednesday.

For the second year in a row, more than a million foreign students have been enrolled at higher education institutions in the United States in the 2016-17 academic year. This represents a 3 percent year-on-year increase.

Meanwhile, the number of Americans studying abroad also increased by 4 percent to 325,339, while the number of Americans studying in Indonesia increased 11.8 percent to 597.

International Education Week was initiated to present events at schools and universities across the United States and around the world to promoteĀ the importance of international education in fostering security and economic growth. The campaign also highlights the reasons more students should have access to an international education.

The US Embassy celebrated International Education Week with activities such as educational events at @america cultural center in Pacific Place, South Jakarta, to reach out to high school and university students.

The event also hosted information sessions on undergraduate programs, appearances by consular officers and education advisors on local television shows, and live social media engagements to inform Indonesians about the diversity of higher education opportunities in the United States.

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