Out of the Office: Three Affordable Spaces to Work Off-Site in Jakarta


FEBRUARY 28, 2018

Jakarta. A co-working space is typically a large, public workplace where people can work side by side, talk and possibly collaborate over ideas. The best part? You always meet new people from different backgrounds, but enduring awkward water cooler conversations with them is never compulsory.

Co-working spaces offer a more relax and fun environment than corporate offices, giving people the elbow room to expand their social networks while getting their assignments done.

According to the Co-working Indonesian Association, there were 62 co-working spaces in Indonesia in 2016. By February 2018, there are more than 200 places.

With so many choices available, we decided to round up the top three most affordable co-working spaces in Jakarta.


CoWorkInc's hallway. (Photo courtesy of CoWorkInc)

CoWorkInc's 'Work Focused Area.' (Photo courtesy of CoWorkInc)

The outdoor patio at CoWorkInc. (Photo courtesy of CoWorkInc)

Set up on the third floor of the WIMO building in Kemang, South Jakarta, where many of the capital's expats live, CoWorkInc gives off the perfect vibe of home away from home.

This collaborative place is unique because of its indoor and outdoor workspaces. You have the option to lounge outdoors secretly congratulating yourself for not getting stuck in another Kemang gridlock, or settle down among soft pillows on the comfy couches or tables, accompanied by the sound of baristas grinding coffee beans (which you can order later to take home).

Since May 2017, Impact Hub is officially integrated within CoworkInc, giving members a chance to access a global network of entrepreneurs and new collaborative programs and events.

Cost: Walk-in (2 hours) Rp 50,000 ($4) (super fast Wi-Fi, communal pantry, locker)

Day pass: Rp 175,000

Website: http://coworkinc.net/

Address: WIMO Building 3rd Floor, Jalan Kemang 1 No. 7. Jakarta Selatan.

Contact: +622171770061


Kedasi at Tomang. (Photo courtesy of Kedasi)

Kedasi Tomang's outdoor area. (Photo courtesy of Kedasi)

The entrance at Kedasi Tanjung Duren. (Photo courtesy of Kedasi)

Kedasi Tanjung Duren's workspace. (Photo courtesy of Kedasi)

It's easy to feel like you belong at Kedasi. This co-working space was built on the belief that a dynamic environment will launch ideas and ultimately innovations.

The community here is so tight-knit that they take proper care to celebrate their members’ birthday together.

Facilities include desks, private offices, a meeting room and even a game room to blow off steam.

Kedasi has two locations, both in West Jakarta, in Tomang and Tanjung Duren.

Hourly: Rp 30,000 (desk space, high-speed Wi-Fi, free flow coffee and tea)

Daily Pass: Rp 100,000 (same as above, plus 20 pages of free printing)

Daily (Student): Rp 75,000 (same as above)

Website: http://kedasi.co.id/

Kedasi Tomang address: Jl. Cempaka Atas, No.24, Tomang, West Jakarta.

Kedasi Tanjung Duren address: Jl. Tanjung Duren Timur VI No. 2A, West Jakarta.

Contact: +622129401110 || ask@kedasi.co.id


EV Hive Uptown's workspace. (Photo courtesy of EV Hive)

Playing games in EV Hive Uptown's workspace. (Photo courtesy of EV Hive)

The beauty of co-working spaces is the flexibility they offer. It is up to you when you want to come in, when you want to leave, whether you want to work alone or with people.

In EV Hive, there are those options, and more: desk chairs, bean bags, long desks, private rooms, you name it. If you're an introvert, don’t feel like you have to make eye contact with other people or talk with them. You're not in a formal office anymore, work the way you've always wanted.

Daily Pass: Rp 50,000/day (free Wi-Fi, free flow drinks)

Website: https://evhive.co/

Address: Jl.Timor No.16, Gondangdia, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Contact: 087871111880