A gunman was killed and two police officers were wounded in a gunfight at a market in Jayawijaya, Papua, on Friday. (Photo illustration courtesy of BeritaSatu,com)

One Gunman Killed, Two Police Officers Wounded in Papua Gunfight


AUGUST 23, 2019

Jakarta. Police exchanged fire with a group of gunmen at the Jibama market in Wamena in Papua's Jayawijaya district on Friday morning. One of the gunmen was killed during the skirmish.

The local police officers were patrolling the market when the gunmen opened fire at them. 

District Police chief Dept. Comr. Tonny Ananda, who was involved in the gunfight, said the five attackers were from an armed criminal group led by Egianus Kogoya.

Two of the attackers were carrying lethal weapons and one of them was killed in the incident. His identity is still unknown.

Police also seized one long rifle and seven bullets from the armed group.

A police officer and an officer from the local municipal police suffered from gunshots and are now being treated at the Wamena Hospital.

"We told the armed group to surrender and throw their weapons away but they refused and opened fire at us. I was almost hit as well," the police chief told Antara news agency.

Tonny did not reveal the whereabouts of the other four gunmen.