Passengers filling in a medical report card after arriving from overseas at Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in February. (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)

Over 130 Indonesians Abroad Have Coronavirus


MARCH 31, 2020

Jakarta. A total of 138 Indonesians abroad have tested positive for Covid-19. The government has now advised them to stay put in their country of residence until they complete their recovery from the deadly disease, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Wednesday.

Malaysia and Singapore each has 34 Indonesians infected with coronavirus under their care. 

Three deaths have occurred, one each in Singapore, the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Two Indonesians in Singapore are in intensive care. 


A total of 27 have made full recoveries, including nine crew members of the Diamond Princess cruise ship which was anchored off Yokohama for a month, one each in Spain and the Netherlands and three in Singapore.

The rest of the patients are in stable condition. There are three in Taiwan, four each in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Cambodia and Qatar, six in Saudi Arabia, fourteen in India and one each in Macau, the Philippines and Ireland.

The Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Brunei Darussalam each has three Indonesians in hospitals, Vatican City seven and Italy four – all of them crew members of the Costa Luminosa cruise ship.

The government is dissuading Indonesians abroad from returning home to avoid imported cases of Covid-19 with the number of local cases reaching 1,528 on Tuesday.

All returning Indonesian citizens will now undergo a compulsory two-week quarantine.

If they test positive for coronavirus, they will be moved to government-run isolation facilities – including one on Galang Island in Riau.

"Indonesian returnees who show no symptoms [of Covid-19] can go on to their hometowns, but they bear the status of Persons Under Investigation. They must strictly follow protocols by self-isolating once they arrive home," President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo said on Tuesday.