Pelita Harapan University's Teachers College Celebrates 10th Anniversary


JUNE 14, 2016

Jakarta. Pelita Harapan University's Teachers College celebrated its 10th anniversary on Monday (13/06).

The college is one of fourteen fully-fledged faculties at the university—also known by its acronym UPH—which offers degrees in education and training for Christian school teachers.

The college currently offers five full courses: training for elementary school teachers and for teachers in economics, psychology, mathematics and English.

Three new training courses on Christianity, physics and chemistry will be added in the 2016/2017 academic year.

The anniversary party on Monday was attended by a crowd of more than a thousand, including UPH rector Dr. Jonathan L. Parapak, UPH Teachers College dean Connie Rasilim, founder Brian Cox and mentor Dr. Colin Beaton.

Connie said the school has trained more than 1,300 school teachers. Most are employed at Pelita Harapan Education Foundation schools all across Indonesia.

"UPH Teachers College presents a model of Christian education and trains school teachers who embody that value at our Dian Harapan and Lentera Harapan schools in various parts of Indonesia," Connie said.

As part of the anniversary, the school also held a seminar for school teachers, sporting contests for high school students and a photo exhibition.

The next highlighted event of the anniversary will be a graduation ceremony for 233 new teachers on Wednesday.