Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) executive Mardani Ali Sera. (Antara Photo/Galih Pradipta)

PKS Vows to Stick With Prabowo Coalition


JUNE 10, 2019

Jakarta. Prosperous Justice Party, or PKS, executive Mardani Ali Sera said the party will not leave the Prabowo coalition until the Constitutional Court announces its verdict on the election dispute on June 28.

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has already met with Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono and Zulkifli Hasan, executives from the Democratic Party and National Mandate Party (PAN) respectively. The former has met the president at least three times formally.

The Democratic Party and PAN are both members of the Prabowo coalition for the 2019 presidential election. After the election, the meetings with the party executives have given rise to speculations of Jokowi maneuvering to lure both parties into joining his coalition.

Jokowi also reportedly offered ministerial positions to Gerindra in a bid to end political divisions. 

"God willing, PKS will stay with the Adil Makmur [Just and Prosperous] Coalition, both inside and outside the government," Mardani said on Monday, referring to the Prabowo coalition's official name.

Despite rumors of Prabowo's Gerindra Party, the Democratic Party and PAN entering negotiations to join the government coalition as well as calls from Democratic Party deputy secretary-general to dismiss the two competing coalitions, Mardani believes they will not be leaving the coalition.

"I am sure that the Democratic Party and PAN will remain in the Adil Makmur Coalition," he said.

Mardani was reluctant to comment on the possibility of PKS joining Jokowi's coalition.

"Each party has its own policies. Parties with clear principles are needed in order to have a healthy democracy," he said.