(Photo Courtesy of Polish Embassy in Jakarta)

Poland, Sweden to Host Donors' Conference for Ukraine

MAY 05, 2022

Jakarta. Poland and Sweden on Thursday are co-hosting an international donors' conference for Ukraine in Warsaw, according to a recent press release from the Polish Embassy in Jakarta.

Spearheading the event is Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and his Swedish counterpart Magdalena Andersson, in partnership European Council President Charles Michel and the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. 


This initiative aims to provide the much-needed humanitarian support for the war-torn Ukraine.

The meeting will be convened at the heads of state and government level, with the participation of global business and financial institutions’ representatives. The conference will initiate a series of aid events for war-ravaged Ukraine in the upcoming months.

"The conference aims to raise funds for Ukraine’s growing humanitarian needs. Poland and Sweden want to encourage their partners to jointly respond to the difficult humanitarian situation in Ukraine," the press release reads.

"As a result of Russian aggression, there are civilian casualties, organized forced deportations, and the financial situation of millions of people is constantly deteriorating. Today, real solidarity is needed to effectively support Ukrainian society," it added.

The United Nations (UN) estimates 13 million people living in Ukrainian territory are in need of vital humanitarian aid, including shelter, food, and medical supplies. 

"It is therefore essential to mobilize immediate international aid for Ukraine, which currently covers less than 15 percent of that which is needed," the press release reads.