National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Argo Yuwono, center, and the police's anti-drugs unit show packages of crystal methamphetamine packed together with anchovies and coffee beans seized from two drug smugglers in Jakarta on Tuesday. (JG Photo/Nur Yasmin)

Police Arrest Crystal Meth Smugglers Connected to Malaysian Drug Ring


JANUARY 21, 2020

Jakarta. The National Police's anti-drugs unit arrested two Indonesian drug-smugglers connected to a Malaysian smuggling ring in Tangerang, Banten, on Saturday. 

The two Indonesians were arrested with 70 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, locally known as sabu, in their possession. They had received the sabu from Malaysia.

Identified by police as DN and SB, they have been on the run since the police arrested six Malaysian smugglers in June last year.

Indonesian police have been cooperating with their Malaysian counterparts to investigate the drug ring.

"This is their first time [smuggling drugs]. They were couriers, controlled by someone in Malaysia. They were promised [a fee of] Rp 100 million ($7,350) if their mission is successful and given Rp 20 million in advance," police spokesman Brig. Gen. Argo Yuwono said at a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday.

"This case is still under investigation. We are in close contact with the Malaysian Police's anti-drugs unit," Argo said.

The smugglers were caught while traveling on a motorbike carrying 45 kilograms of sabu packaged in tea boxes. Police found the other 25 kilograms in DN's rented house in Lebak Wangi, Tangerang.

They had carried the drugs from Malaysia to Bagansiapiapi, Riau, traveling through the Malacca Strait on the way to Jakarta as the final destination.

The drugs were hidden beneath packets of anchovies and coffee beans wrapped in tea packaging.

"They put the sabu together with anchovies and coffee beans to disguise the smell,” Argo said.

DN and SB will face the death sentence if found guilty or a maximum fine of Rp 10 billion ($730,000).