Bali police patrol around Badung area on two electric scooters on October 11, 2022. (Antara photo)

Police Arrest Two Czech Nationals Sought by Interpol


DECEMBER 01, 2022

Jakarta. The Indonesian police arrested two Czech nationals who have been put on the Interpol wanted list for alleged financial crimes in their home country, a senior officer said on Thursday.

The suspects, identified as Ciryl Stiak and Stefan Durina, are accused of embezzling money from several companies and of tax evasion that together caused a loss of 84.76 million CZK ($3.6 million), according to Insp. General Krishna Murti, the head of the National Police’s International Relations Division.

“They have been wanted by the Czech Police since 2019,” Krishna said in a statement.

Stiak was arrested at a boarding house in Bali’s Kuta Beach area on Wednesday and a day later police arrested Durina at a villa in the same area.


According to the Immigration Office, Stiak entered Bali on June 14, 2019, while Durina arrived on March 14, 2020.

Krishna said Stiak was alleged to have embezzled money from a company he used to work at and evaded taxes.

Durina is accused of fraud and tax evasion by establishing a network of companies that bought electronic products from across the European Union and resold them without paying taxes.

"Both suspects have allegedly evaded taxes totaling 84.76 million CZK," Krishna said.

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