Rock star Ahmad Dhani, second from left, has been declared a suspect for allegedly spreading hate speech on social media. (Antara Photo/Yossy Widya)

Police to Recall Witnesses in Ahmad Dhani Case


NOVEMBER 26, 2016

Jakarta. Jakarta Police investigators will recall witnesses who failed to attend a scheduled interrogation on Thursday (24/11) in a case involving rock star Ahmad Dhani allegedly insulting President Joko Widodo in public.

"The investigators are preparing a second summon. We don't know the schedule yet," Jakarta Police spokesman Chief Comr. Awi Setiyono said on Friday.

Awi said only one witness, Eggy Sudjana, had attended the interrogation session on Thursday.

"The other witnesses were represented by their lawyers. But we want witnesses, not lawyers," Awi said.

According to the police, if the witnesses also ignore the second summon, the police have the right to take them by force for questioning.

"There are three stages in summoning a witness. After two refusals, we're allowed to take them in for questioning, by force if necessary, according to regulation,” Awi said.

The police had summoned a total of eight witnesses in the case: Ahmad Dhani, his wife Mulan Jameela, Ratna Sarumpaet, Bachtiar Nasir, Munarman, Habib Rizieq Shihab, Eggy Sudjana and Amien Rais.

The suit against Ahmad Dhani was filed by Projo and Laskar Rakyat Jakarta, two volunteer groups which campaigned for Jokowi during the 2014 presidential election.

Dhani has been accused of insulting the head of state in public, which under Criminal Code Procedure could see him jailed for 18 months.