Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi and National Sports Week stakeholders during a press conference in Bandung, West Java, on Friday (23/09). (Photo courtesy of Twitter/Ministry of Youth and Sports)

PON XIX Has Been Running Smoothly and Safely Despite Violence, Organizers Insist


SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

Jakarta. Organizers of the 19th National Sports Week, or PON XIX, claim that the event has been running smoothly and safely, despite several reported incidents.

Although violence marred at least six matches, the organizers maintain that the number is insignificant, as it constitutes merely 0.42 percent of the total number played so far.

The report was released after Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi met with key stakeholders in Bandung, West Java, on Friday (23/09).

On Monday, the water polo semifinal between West Java and South Sumatra descended into chaos when a fight broke out between players, spectators and security guards.

Several other incidents were reported with confrontations between organizers and supporters during a wushu martial arts competition; officials and a referee during a basketball match; supporters during a football match; and players during an indoor hockey match.

"These were only small disturbances. The organizers have handled the event properly," Imam said.

West Java Police deputy chief Sr. Comr. Nana Sujana agreed that the incidents had been insignificant.

"Those incidents were still acceptable, we've resolved them quickly anyway," he said, as quoted on the PON XIX official website.

He said PON XIX will continue to run safely until its closing on Sept. 29.