President Joko Widodo accompanied by PPP Leaders following a meeting at Merdeka Palace in Jakarta on Friday (01/04). (State Palace Press Photo/Kris)

President to Attend 8th National PPP Conference


APRIL 02, 2016

Jakarta. President Joko Widodo is scheduled to attend the United Development’s Party’s, known as PPP, national reconciliation meeting, or Muktamar Islah, slated for Friday (08/04), to bridge the dispute between two factions for the past year.

“We have invited the president to deliver a mandate and officially open the 8th PPP Muktamar on Friday next week. He said he is willing to attend,” M Romahurmuziy, Secretary General of PPP, said on Friday (01/04).

The district leadership board of PPP and the conference committee met with Joko earlier Friday morning at the state palace. The meeting discussed a variety of issues including reforms to the regional election law — set to be submitted to the House of Representatives before the recess period — and the long awaited tabling of the tax amnesty law draft.

“We have also reported the development of PPP’s reconciliation process to the President as the head of state. The process is heading for completion, followed by all parties in the 8th Muktamar,” Romahurmuziy said.

He added that Joko has shown total support for PPP's reconciliation process and he had conveyed his hope for all factions to support the national meeting, so the party can move on to concentrate on issues facing the electorate.

Meanwhile, Religious Minister Lukman Hakim Saefuddin, also deputy chair of PPP, said communications with the opposing faction, headed by Djan Faridz, are continuing.

"Hopefully during the meeting, Mr Djan Faridz may attend among us all."