Dewie Yasin Limpo attends court on Monday. (Antara Photo/Puspa Perwitasari)

Prosecutors Seek Nine Years Jail for Dewie Yasin Limpo

MAY 16, 2016

Jakarta. Prosecutors at the Jakarta Anti-Corruption Court on Monday (16/05) sought nine years in prison for former People's Conscience Party, or Hanura, lawmaker Dewie Yasin Limpo accused of accepting SGD$177,000 ($129,00) in bribes linked to a power plant project in Papua.

Dewie — who was arrested in a sting operation by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) last October and was subsequently fired from the party — allegedly received the money in exchange for ensuring the House of Representatives approve funding for a micro-hydroelectric plant in Deiyai district in this year's state budget.

Deiyai Mining Office head Irenius Adi and Abdi Bumi Cendrawasih director Setiadi Jusuf were earlier found guilty by the same court and sentenced to two years in prison each for providing the bribe money.

Prosecutors at Dewie's trial also sought Rp 300 million ($22,500) in fines and for Dewie's political rights to be suspended for three years, meaning she could not vote or hold a public office.

A teary-eyed Dewie said the prosecution's demand was “too severe.”

“I have been fighting for people's aspirations but in the end I am faced with such severe demand. I think it is too severe. I feel it is unfair. Must I serve such long prison term?" she told reporters after Monday's hearing.

The prosecution argued Dewie actively sought the pay off, staging many meetings with Irenius and Setiadi to discuss the bribe money. Dewie, the prosecution argued, had tarnished the image of the parliament and was not forthcoming of her alleged role in the bribery.

Dewie insisted she had not participated in acts of corruption although she was caught red-handed with the money during the sting operation.

“I never caused any losses to the state. I am not corrupt. I am just fighting for people's aspirations,” she insisted.

The court does not have to follow the prosecution's recommendations even if Dewie is found guilty. The defense is scheduled to present their arguments next week.

The prosecution is also seeking the same sentence for Dewie's expert staffers Bambang Wahyuhadi who allegedly facilitated the pay off.