PSSI is going to abolish its 'innovative' rules for the country's top-tier football league Liga 1. (JG Photo/Amal Ganesha)

PSSI Abolishes Its 'Innovative' Rules for Top-Tier Liga 1


SEPTEMBER 03, 2017

Jakarta. The Indonesian Football Association, or PSSI, is going to abolish its previously deemed "innovative" rules for the country's top-tier football league Liga 1, which started in April.

One rule, approved by PSSI chairman Edy Rahmayadi, obliged each Liga 1 club to field at least three players aged under 23 in first half of every match. Another other allowed five substitutions during a match, instead of usual three.

Edy said in April that the rules, which he called "innovations," were made to for young footballers to gain more experience in higher level game.

But now it seems the association's innovations are not fit for the top-tier and professional league.

"The association has decided to abolish the regulation of fielding under-23 players in Liga 1 until the end of this season," PSSI said on its website on Thursday (31/08).

"Now the clubs can freely select their own players. ... The number of substitutions is now decreased to maximum three."

PSSI secretary general Ratu Tisha Destria said she believes the abolition of the rules will not close the door for younger players.

"As long as they have a potential and abilities, the coaches will allow them to play."

Liga 1 now approaches its 22nd week with Bali United topping the table. The league will end in November.

At its inauguration in April, Liga 1 announced it was backed by ride-hailing service Go-Jek and hotel booking website Traveloka, which contributed Rp 180 billion ($13.5 million) in sponsorship fees.

Go-Jek is strongly affiliated with Northstar Group, a Singapore-based private equity firm co-founded by Liga 1 first commissioner Glenn Sugita.