PSSI Officials Reject Idea of Supervision By Ministry Advisers

JANUARY 05, 2015

Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi’s initiative to establish a team to supervise national football development received a scathing response from members of the Indonesian Football Association at their congress in Jakarta on Sunday.

Most members of the association known as the PSSI lambasted the idea of the so-called “team of nine,” calling it government interference.

Yunus Nusi, the chairman of the PSSI’s East Kalimantan chapter, said the minister should steer clear of the federation’s internal affairs.

“Don’t ever try to intervene in the PSSI. We have worked hard to develop the sport, while the team of nine know nothing and have never worked for football,” he said.

“I urge the minister to never try to boost his popularity through football. And I propose that we ask President Joko Widodo to reassign him as minister of youth affairs, and we will find our own minister of sports.”

Gusti Randa, the PSSI Jakarta head, called on fellow members not to be provoked by the move.

“Don’t overreact to the issue. The PSSI needs to measure the impact of its response,” Gusti said.

“If we comply with the PSSI and FIFA statutes, nobody can intervene in our affairs. And I ask the PSSI to appoint a spokesperson to deal with the matter.”

Also at its congress, the PSSI decided to form ad-hoc committee to deal with any initiatives from outside federations.

Secretary general Joko Driyono said the committee was established in light of the fact that the PSSI often worked together with parties such as the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI), the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) and the Sports Ministry.

“The PSSI has taken part in many events. As member of FIFA, we participate in FIFA events. But we also take part in multi-sports events and we coordinate with KOI and KONI,” Joko said.

“The committee will work together with other parties. I will not speculate that the committee is our answer to the ministry’s team of nine.” The committee will have nine to 13 members, to be named soon.