Another police officer has been arrested on suspicion of being radicalized by IS. (Photo illustration by

Radicalized Policewoman Arrested by Detachment 88


OCTOBER 04, 2019

Jakarta. Police anti-terror unit Detachment 88 arrested a policewoman in Yogyakarta who they say has been radicalized by Islamic State supporters in Yogyakarta.

The policewoman, identified as Sergeant N.O.S. a.k.a. Nesti, had been arrested earlier in Surabaya, East Java, for traveling using a fake identity from Ternate in North Maluku where she was assigned.

She was interrogated for leaving her station without a permit, but was later released.

On Friday last week, Detachment 88 arrested her again in Yogyakarta, National Police spokesman Chief Comr. Asep Adi Saputra said on Thursday.

"We suspect she has been heavily influenced by radical ideology and IS [Islamic State]. She will face dismissal if our suspicion is proven in an ethical trial," Asep said.

Police believe the policewoman is part of a network of IS supporters in Indonesia led by a man named Wawan Wicaksono who was arrested in Salatiga, Central Java, on the same day Nesti was rounded up by Detachment 88.

Nesti is not the first police officer to be radicalized by IS. In 2015, Brig. Syahputra, a police officer from Batang Hari, Jambi, left the force to join IS in Syria.