Members of the Riau Police Mobile Brigade guard a church in the provincial capital Pekanbaru following the Surabaya church bombings on Sunday (13/05). (Antara Photo/Rony Muharrman)

Riau Police HQ Attacked by Unidentified Men


MAY 16, 2018

Jakarta. At least two people are presumed dead after a minivan crashed into the entrance gate of the Riau Police headquarters in Pekanbaru on Wednesday morning (16/05), Kompas TV reported.

Television footage showed two bodies lying on the ground at the entrance to the compound.

Police have yet to comment on the incident.

A television reporter said the incident occurred at around 9 a.m. when police were about to hold a press conference on an earlier drug raid in the city.

At least one journalist and two police officers were reportedly injured in the alleged attack.

Metro TV reported that after the white minivan crashed into the entrance gate, three men armed with swords jumped out and started attacking several police officers. Police responded by shooting the alleged attackers.

Members of the police's bomb squad have been deployed at the scene.

The latest incident comes after an attack on the Surabaya Police headquarters in East Java on Monday morning and three church bombings in the city on Sunday. A bomb also accidentally exploded inside an apartment block in nearby Sidoarjo on Sunday. Several people died and scores were injured in the incidents.

The National Police's elite antiterrorism squad, Detachment 88, has captured several suspected terrorists in East Java, North Sumatra and South Sumatra following the incidents in Surabaya and Sidoarjo.