Image by GlobeAsia team

Robert Hartono, 75 and Michael Hartono, 76


JULY 01, 2016


Banking, industry, utilities, cigarettes $15 billion (2015) $14.8 billion (2016)

From banking to on-line retail, the Hartono brothers dominate Indonesia’s corporate landscape and have maintained their perch on the GlobeAsia rich list for six years.

Originally cigarette makers with the Djarum brand, their empire now extends to Bank Central Asia (BCA), the country’s largest private bank, and high-profile property assets.

Djarum remains the country’s third largest cigarette-maker and is a major sponsor of the brothers’ favorite sport, basketball.

Over the past five years, the group has moved into the fast-growing on-line retail sector, acquiring Kaskus, the country’s largest on-line website, Infokost, a website which lists studio apartments in Jakarta; Blibli, a popular shopping site, and Bolabob, a sports site.

The group has a controlling stake in digital marketing agency Merah Cipta Media. It is in the midst of contract renegotiations with the government over the construction of BCA Tower and the Kempinski Apartments as part of the Grand Indonesia development.