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Serial Child Molester Receives Parole

March 24, 2023 | 9:23 pm
Convicted child molester Andri Sobari aka Emon. (B-Universe)
Convicted child molester Andri Sobari aka Emon. (B-Universe)

Cirebon. Convicted child molester Andri Sobari aka Emon has been paroled after serving nine years in prison for abusing 120 children, a correctional official said on Friday.

Kadiyono, the head of the Cirebon Penitentiary in West Java, said Andri was released on February 27 after a long consideration by the parole board.

"We have been monitoring him since he was first detained at the Sukabumi Police, and then transferred to the Sukabumi Penitentiary, the Cirebon Narcotics Detention Facility, and the Cirebon Penitentiary,” Kadiyono said.


The official said that Andri has behaved well and interacted normally with prison officials and fellow inmates.

“He participated in all activities at this facility," he said, adding that the convict had taken a psychotherapy program prior to his release.

Andri will continue to be on parole until September 20, 2028.

“If he violates his parole terms, he will be sent back to prison,” Kadiyono said.

Indonesia adopts a tough sentence against child molestation under the Child Protection Law which carries the death sentence.

In January, the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for Herry Wirawan, an Islamic boarding school teacher who was found guilty of systematically raping 13 young students and impregnating some of them.

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