Smoke-Filled Room: Red-Faced Lawmaker Skewered on Twitter Over Cigarette

MARCH 27, 2015

Jakarta. Musician-turned-politician Anang Hermansyah has apologized after a picture of him smoking inside a meeting room of the House of Representatives went viral on Friday.

Anang lit up social media after a photo was taken of him dressed in a suit smoking and sitting on a desk in one of the meeting rooms in the legislature (DPR).

Anang apologized and promised not to do it again.

"I'd like to apologize for smoking inside the meeting room during breaks. I've learned my lesson and I won't do it again," Anang posted on his Twitter account on Friday.

The National Mandate Party (PAN) reprimanded the errant lawmaker.

"We called him and he admitted the person in the photo was him. We told him to apologize and to always project good and clean ethics as a lawmaker," Teguh Juwarno, PAN deputy secretary general, told news portal on Friday.

Indonesia has the world's highest incidence of smoking among males and a confused attitude on tobacco policy.

Joko Widodo has made much of the need to execute convicted narcotics traffickers and drug mules, citing flawed data that as many as 50 drug users die in Indonesia every day.

The government is much more comfortable, however, with people smoking despite cigarettes being responsible for hundreds of premature deaths every day across the archipelago.