By : JG News Channel | on 7:07 PM June 06, 2017
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Supplies, Prices of Staple Food Under Control for Ramadan: Minister

Jakarta. Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman promised to keep supplies and prices of staple food under control throughout Ramadan during a meeting with President Joko "Jokowi' Widodo at the State Palace in Jakarta on Monday (05/06).

They also discussed the skyrocketing price of garlic — a staple in Indonesian households. Limited stock of local garlic has forced the government to import 500,000 tons of garlic bulbs.

"Food prices are stable and stock is plentiful. In the future, we will put more focus on improving horticulture and farming to keep food stock secure," Arman said on Monday (05/06).

"We will prepare seeds for farmers. We hope to cut back on import, and boost export," he added.

"The Dutch first came to Indonesia looking for our natural produce, for our spices. We want to bring back our glorious past. Bengkulu already has Arabica coffee and Riau has coconuts. Central and North Sulawesi also produce a lot of coconuts," Amran said.

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